A (way-late) Nature Shoot – Panola Mountain State Park

I am way behind on getting this post up.  I visited Panola Mountain State Park four weeks ago and posted a location scout here.  I have been so busy with my day-job, I have not gotten to post my photos from my night-hike around the Mountain.

Here are some photos from the hike.  Each of these photos are HDR photos.  I have been shooting a lot of nature/landscape photos lately simply to work on my skill.  I set the ISO at 100 and mounted Bessie (my camera) on a tripod.  I was in AV mode, set my aperture to f/14, and used only a circular polarizer.  In post processing, I pulled down a graduated ND filter to bring out the contours of the overcast sky.

I met the group at the Nature Center at 4:15 pm.  We were briefed on safety before we caravanned to the trail head.  We were led on a simply hike that I would recommend for intermediate hikers and above.  I would not recommend it for those with health issues.

Our hope was a spectacular sunset to the West, but an overcast sky kept us from experiencing it. I enjoyed the hike and the opportunity to take some photos from the western side of the mountain.

For this broke photographer, the scouting hike and the night-hike cost a grand total of $25.  It cost $10 for parking over two days and $15 for the night hike.



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