Hmmm… Should I Watch the Big Game or Take Photos in the Suspicion Mountains?

What a silly question.

I am headed out to Phoenix, Arizona for a business trip this weekend.  The powers-that-be have graciously given us Sunday afternoon off.  It just so happens that our weekend out West coincides with the annual championship game for professional football league in the U.S. (I’m avoiding using actual names of the league and the game because they have a tendency to sue people for even mentioning their name).  Since my favor team is no where near this game, I’m not quite interested in watching the New England Patriots win again.

So, I am going to go out to the Superstition Mountains to take some landscape/nature photos. I have spent the last two or three week researching the Phoenix area for great locations to photograph. But, I have always wanted to shoot the Superstitions.  Also, I want to spend some time hiking in the desert.

Since I only have the afternoon, I don’t want to get too crazy. So, I decided on hiking Flatiron Trail in the Lost Dutchman State Park.  If you’ve been there let me know, and I’ll accept any advice or tips you have to offer! Hopefully, I’ll have photos on Wednesday.

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