UGA fans, quit your whining…

I am a UGA fan. I love the University of Georgia because my wife and I lived in Athens, GA and worked at UGA. So, I am very sensitive to all things UGA.  I am, however, getting sick of the whiners who are disparaging the impressive win by Patrick Reed at The Masters today.

Yes, Reed made serious mistakes while a student at both UGA and Augusta State.  Yes, he ‘fessed up to them.  Yes, he is an arrogant and off-putting interviewee (he has ticked a bunch off people off since his first interview after his first PGA tour win).

But, he won The Masters fair-and-square.  He played champion-level golf.  It is irrelevant and immaterial to Reed’s win at The Masters what he did or didn’t do in college.  He earned this win.  Until you produce evidence that he cheated to win The Masters, shut your pie-hole.

I was pulling for Rory because I want him to complete the career grand slam. But, I will will never take away from an outstanding competitive performance.  Go Dawgs!  And, well done, Patrick!


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