Product Review – Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 Contemporary DC Macro OS HSM Lens for Canon

Product Review – Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 Contemporary DC Macro OS HSM Lens for Canon

For five years, I had three lenses – Canon EF-S IS 18-55mm kit lens, Canon EF-S 75-300mm (refurbished), and a Canon EF-S f/1.8 50mm.  But, I grew tired of changing lenses. So, I started searching for a decent walk-around lens without breaking the bank.

I settled on the Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 Contemporary DC Macro OS HSM Lens for Canon.

For this post, I talk about the good and bad for this lens.

Here are the good:

  • It costs less than $400 for a huge focal length. Since I am a broke photographer, I want to take photos without spending a bunch of money. For what I was looking for – a walk-around lens with which I can shoot editorial stock – this was ideal.
  • Focal-length range. I was looking for a wide-angle I have gotten some good shots at 300mm because I shot on a cropped sensor, which gives me a useful range of 480mm.
  • f/3.5 at 18mm. This gives me a pretty good speed for a $400 lens. With decent ambient light, I can grab some good photos.  But, at 300mm in low-light situations, you are not going to get a sharp photo.
  • Tough as heck – This really is a tough lens. I’ve banged it around and shot parade soaking wet, and it does just fine.

Here are the bad:

  • Heavy! It is tough, but it is heavy!  And fat!
  • Slow focus – You can go make yourself a cup of coffee and read a whole newspaper waiting on this thing to focus. Hyperbole, of course, but for the type of work I am and want to do, I need quicker focal speed. It serves my purpose now, but I’ll need to get more speed for future assignments.
  • Zoom ring is stiff . . . I mean really I mean brutally stiff.
  • While hanging on my speed-sling, the lens will zoom out all on its own – which is a paradox since the zoom ring is so stiff.
  • Not as sharp as what the reviews say on Amazon. I have had several photos rejected for stock because the photo simply was not as sharp as it needs to be. In post-process for commercial work, I have to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the image.
  • Do not use it for macro and landscape work. My Canon EF-S IS 18-55mm kit lens is MUCH sharper.

This is a fun lens for shooting news stock and events.  I cover events around my community to submit for editorial news content.  It works perfectly for that because the content is more important than perfect sharpness.  It does what I need it to do. Overall I would give it a B – .

I do not recommend this lens for commercial, portrait, macro, or landscape work.  A year ago, I gave my 18-55 kit lens to my son.  When I want to create art, I borrow it back.  I won’t use this Sigma.

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