Video of the Week – Sam Abell, “The Life of a Photograph” (at B&H Event Space)

There are things you can only learn later on in your growth. In other words, you have to learn a lot of other things before this one thing makes sense. The video I am going to share with you would not have affected me a year and a half ago.  I was not ready for its content.  Now, eighteen months later, this video gave me a great perspective on documentary photography that I was not ready to grasp them.

You need to know that these concepts are simple but not easy. I have been practicing these concepts for a week, and they take time to develop in your mind. What I am finding to be the most important concept Abell teaches is “slowing down time.” In order for his other concepts to work, you have to slow down.  It won’t work any other way.  Watch the video. He explains it very well!

Sam Abell was a National Geographic photographer for thirty-three years.  I love his photographic style and teaching approach.



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