My Best-Selling Stock Photo

I was wandering around the downtown square in McDonough, Georgia looking for interesting photos.  Certainly, there are plenty of remarkable, historic buildings, like the courthouse, the 50s-era gas station, or Clay Plaza.  I could have focused on the beautiful flowers in the large flower pots around the center of the square.  I did, in fact, take several decent photos that day.  But there was one photo I made that day that I have sold 99 times across two stock photography accounts and is my best-selling photo – and it was not what you might think!

There was a new street taco restaurant on the square I was looking forward to trying.  After a couple of hours of wandering around downtown, I ordered a couple of tacos de carne asada at Macon Street Tacos. I chose a seat close to the big windows by the street, which give me great diffuse side light. Before I dove into my lunch, I snapped a quick photo of my tacos.  

Apparently, this photo has been trending across two platforms.  I conducted a Google image search, and this photo has been used for restaurant menus, travel articles, and restaurant reviews.

Most photographers are compelled to take amazing photos – there is an obsession about it.  But, some beginning photographers think that their snapshots are meaningless.  The lesson here is take good photos everywhere – even good snapshots – and sell them on a stock platform!


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