Think-Ahead Thursday: What’s happening on The Broke Photographer from the 9th through the 15th of April!

Good evening, shutterbugs of the world!

Following our theme for this month, I am going to post topics over the next few days about developing a photography project that matters! Like I said in a post from earlier today, I am moving toward cohesive stories through photos that make a difference. So, I will be sharing resources that I find about developing my photography projects.

On Friday, April 10, I am going to share a video I enjoyed, what was produced by B&H event space featuring Adam Marelli, entitled, “Developing Your Photo Projects.” After you watch the video, I am going to share my take-aways and his influences on my photography projects.

On Saturday, April 11, I am going to give an update on my current photography project: “Breakfast in Atlanta or in Hell.”  You can read about the start of the project here.

Sunday, I am going to respond to the question, “Should you have a personal photography project?”  I am going to explore my own reasons for shifting to photography projects, and, hopefully, convince you to do the same.

On Tuesday, April 14, 2020, I am going to talk through how successful storytellers brainstorm ideas for their projects.  Hopefully, I can distill it down to a coherent process for deciding on meaningful projects that are truly transformative!

I hope you join me in this process!

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